♫♪  Gang Fatale - Megadrive

Gang Fatale releases another set of club bangers this year, this time in the form of a video game inspired EP Megadrive. And how fitting are video games? Futuristic-but-retro, collaborative-yet-competitive, seriously-adventurous but not-taking-themselves-too-seriously, and most importantly: fun!(?) The three tracks represent different elements of what makes up the Gang Fatale aesthetic. Bones is fittingly sparse, yet intricate, Hotel Vobes is a straight up banger, and Noble’s Rest proves that Gang Fatale is not only interested in making club music, but in creating a musical landscape that can feel as soft as it can hard.

Hotel Vobes came to my attention as the opening track on Neana’s Boiler Room set, which effectively showed how Gang Fatale’s sound goes so well which Jersey Club. Gang Fatale, especially Neana (aka Neana Fatale aka Neana on the trak), have been producing and releasing like crazy, and it’s nice to see their work shining on an EP. And how cute is it that they did three collaborations each with a different pair, like they’re all BFFs playing video games together? You can just feel the pre-teen excitement living underneath the sophistication of the tracks.

• Gang Fatale: http://gangxfatale.tumblr.com
• Trap Door: https://soundcloud.com/trap_door
• Neana: https://soundcloud.com/neanatrax
• Simon Divine: https://soundcloud.com/ec_cle_si_ae

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