♫♪  Ganz Feld - Bethany

What the fuck are you waiting for? Stop sitting around, already. Where are you right now? What location? How can you exit ASAP? How are you not in a city bar trying to EXIT asap? Get off the field. Remove yourself from suburbia. There’s nothing out there. It’s the modern day apocalypse: suburbia. This his where dreams go to die. Become something. Find community you want. Surround yourself without the like-minded. Explore the potential of never being here before EVERYDAY. NEVER BE HERE. BE THERE!

Bethany is the goal. It’s the quest. And Ganz Feld is about to find those BLCR Laboratories lit with shimmering vibration. That dream that never that’s. An end to an ode that never once was barded or whatever. Storytelling in a like-minded tunnel of exploration. Spelunk the layers of Ganz Feld. Journey into the world of Bethany:

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