♫♪  Gee Weaver - Merchant Ivory

Gee Weaver is back, this time with some sun-faded belly gurgles, hazy musings, and swells of piano, strings, and any other seeping ooze he could get his mitts on. According to the man himself, it’s “an overcast breakfast album”, but to me it’s more of a sitting under a bridge overpass at midnight, looking out at the opal black river as cars shoot overtop of you while you and a few friends pass around a one hitter and a bottle of E&J kinda album. Maybe the whole morning thing is more accurate, but what’s so great about accuracy? So what if I’m wrong about the sad looking man who occasionally eats lunch at the same Mexican restaurant I go to who chooses to eat spicy food in public so he can mask his actual tears? So what if I falsely accused some guy at work of putting a Snickers bar in my gas tank? (SOMEBODY did it, so why not that asshole?) And so what if I was way off the mark when another guy at work, who’s wife just had a baby, told me he was having a bad morning and I asked if it was because his baby was dead? So what? Accuracy is for stiffs. And Gee Weaver ain’t no stiff. He’s the real deal. Scope it out for yourself below and grab a #rare cassette copy of Merchant Ivory if’n you feel like it over at Kirkland’s Bandcamp page.

Gee Weaver: https://soundcloud.com/looterchris
Kirkland: https://kirkland.bandcamp.com

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