♫♪  Gee Weaver - Westfield

Can you see it? The toucan hiding in the leaves? The one doing the Roc formation? Gee Weaver tamed and trained that bird. He took that brightly colored life form under HIS wing and showed it a thing or two. The toucan isn’t harnessed, though. Gee Weaver aided in its wild beauty; he didn’t stunt its growth. Its rain-washed plumage remains, but its guts and brains are elevated. The toucan flies easier now. Smoother. Don’t believe me? Take a gander for yourself below.

Westfield is out now, in an edition of 25 cassettes on Colossal Tapes. Copies of Gee Weaver’s excellent split tape with Creme, Puree, are still available, too. Oh, and if you haven’t found the toucan in the leaves yet, dont worry. I needed something to write about, so I made it up. Take that, you gullible sap!

• Gee Weaver: https://soundcloud.com/looterchris
• Colossal Tapes: http://colossaltapes.com

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