♫♪  Giant Claw - “DARK WEB 002”

Eventually, all desire of the Internet will be condensed and immediate. Something would-be sealed. Everything you want, wirelessly. Depths scooped throughout. DARK WEB is audible evidence of telepathy.

The first time I listened to an album was with Keith Rankin in second grade at his parents’ house. Keith was the kid who drew the devil on everything. Keith began solo-ing as Giant Claw in 2010 (?). I caught on (luv 2 Tomentosa) around 2011. I took his job last year. I had always been a deep admirer of his craftsmanship and musings. Personally, DARK WEB is something I use to recollect youth, rebellion, coincidence, honor, and esteem.

Amongst a myriad of websites this decade covering “groundbreaking” new music, Tiny Mix Tapes had/s equally enjoyed similar fruits of the loom (e.g., footwork/juke, vaporwave, Lil B, eccojam, queerhop, bathdub, PC Music, ringtones, pack/zip/ship/etc.). Outside DARK WEB being of the Internet Age, and as previous editor (10 years of volunteer writing), Keith Rankin covered and analyzed the current generation’s constantly shifting sounds. Literally, DARK WEB is Keith Kawaii.

A nor’easter shit two-feet of snow at 5PM one 2012 Tuesday, such that if Sandy left a leaning telephone pole, it was THEN weighed down by icy snow. Eventually, the government will need to put all cords underground if the weather keeps up like this, so WHAT will happen to our brains when Earth is almost entirely wireless? Speechless communication? ‘_’ *wink* Creatively, DARK WEB is sonic documentation of human evolution, representing the way humans absorb, data-bank, and regurgitate creative information.

I was blaring DARK WEB out my car last week, windows down, and the person to my left at the stoplight asked if I could answer my cellphone. Now Giant Claw needs to U2 ALL cellphones with new ringtones or just leave voicemails containing the entire album as a message. Publicly, DARK WEB is: “Are you gonna get that?”

Not only does Giant Claw flip classical piano into a drum (the instrument, not just percussion), but he picks up where footwork has left listeners lulled. And the sampling turns every daily hateful noise into one that is uplifting; wherever you are, Giant Claw will end your audible surroundings on high notes. Musically, DARK WEB is entirely composed of smiling sounds.

DARK WEB is based on the phrase, “Know what Im saying?” Giant Claw made an incomplete album, yes, but these inconsistencies sound-collage in a way, where everything is exactly in place. The fluidity is intentionally diced. The music is talking to you in a variety familiar languages, but (intentionally) nothing is immediately understandable. Telepathically, DARK WEB answers all your unasked questions via music.

As for the taste below, “DARK WEB 002” is an excellent example of everything I wrote above. It’s no DARK WEB in its entirety, but it launches the point across your nodes in full Giant Claw force. DARK WEB is being released next week on LP by Keith’s co-owned label Orange Milk Records and Noumenal Loom (next to his label/Cream Juice partner-in-crime, Seth Graham).

• Giant Claw: http://www.orangemilkrecords.com
• Orange Milk Records: http://www.orangemilkrecords.com
• Noumenal Loom: http://noumenalloom.com

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