♫♪  Gobby - “Trans.09”

Progressionals like Harlem-based Gobby really got my heart. Like, what’s interesting to me about footwork/juke shit is stuff outside the TEKLIFE and Planet Mu radar. Like Satanicpronocultshop get in there so hard and drive it until the squeeze. Or my dude LiL ♎ JaBBA, prior to TEK’ing away, was really raw, maybe even unintentionally. But Gobby got it rolling, starting his new Lantern EP off with “Trans.09,” which is a straight track, but the EP gets harder and funnier and better. If you’ve yet to bare witness to “Riot,” Gobby proves he’s got connections (Myyyykki, OMG) and a musical sense of humor. Also, the cover art calls forth that old Xerox’d-to-shit zine/snot-tape artistic quality that’s usually impossible to pull off without seeming too MS Paint about it. Mostly, Gobby’s music reminds of Harlem, only the trees with trash in ‘em are in this warehouse club and the only lights are coming from Gobby’s eyes; people are bumping and grinding, and I saw Keith there too. He never told me he’d be in town, but we bumped denims and left as fried as Gobby melts tracks.

Find Gobby’s new Lantern EP now on UNO NYC. Ima buy the shit outta this actually, so snag it before I buy em all!

• Gobby: https://soundcloud.com/gobby-2
• UNO NYC: http://www.unonyc.com

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