Sometimes I really miss mid-90s nu metal radio. Chillin to time blocks of similar-sounding songs with DJs who probably have goatees and frosted-spiked hair getting interrupted by fiscally worthless local adverts, but them jingles. And everything is a real head banger. Alt. Rock taking some weird metal trends and making them near-pop acceptable, mingling all sorts of genres without a reason, or avail. GODFLESH consumes this in the 21st century with their newest release, POST SELF. Out now on LP via AVALANCHE RECORDINGS (and soon on CS via Hospital Productions), POST SELF is that pure, throw-back feel that’s less nostalgia and more putting on your black leather jacket, but for-real this time. A clenched fist. Some old abandoned apartment building. Nothing but smoke and spraypaint clouds. Exert your POST SELF:

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