♫♪  Gosheven - “Whisper Of The Valley Breeze”

LOL premieres are fucking bullshit because music should speak for itself. And here in a digital outreach of production —finite— master, Gosheven unravels a music video unwavering to what one may consider a “Whisper Of The Valley Breeze.” Personality is within the core lyrical foretelling. Character harnessed by the emotion of voice. Serenity in the keys that melody a bliss. Just-a-touch to feel like missing out is always a ‘come-thru’ away. Grabbing at. Distance through thickness full of. Into an outlet. This is the outlet embodying Gosheven’s “Whisper Of The Valley Breeze.” Visuals by Gergo Ofner are equally textural, above.

Explore the depths of Gosheven via Opal Tapes within new release,

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