Grapes (James Ferraro)

Ever since the divisive NYC, HELL 3:00 AM, James Ferraro has released a beautiful SoundCloud EP called God of London, collaborated with Dean Blunt and Triad God, and has thrown some other misc tracks our way, including the one we posted this morning, “World Star.” His latest latest is a 10-minute track — whose title isn’t entirely clear (either it’s really “.” or it’s currently untitled) — and it’s under yet another pseudonym: Grapes. The first four minutes or so is a movie sample (I’ll let you figure it out, if you want [not necessary]), while the rest sees Ferraro rapping in an appropriately repetitive, improvisatory way, the track getting increasingly disconnected and minimal as it goes on. It’s Compton, it’s Doughboy, it’s 90s: this is Grapes, and he’s seen some shit.

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