♫♪  Greg Manata - “Arboretum”

Good gravy, are you hearing this? It’s as if there’s an eclipse in my ears and you’re all invited… to tell me that there’s also an eclipse outside, and that I should definitely NOT stare into it.

Featuring a sample from previous collaborator and TMNT TMT favorite Sean McCann, "Arboretum" by Greg Manata thoroughly takes its time, expanding slowly and naturally, like a budding leaf on budding day. Swells of synths huddle together and intertwine gracefully, complementing one another oh-so well. And around the six-minute mark, when that delayed-to-pure-bliss guitar line gently emerges from beneath the beauty, like a sprouting plant on sprouting day: things go from good to great. In spite of it’s name, this piece won’t leave you grounded. Trust me: it’s straight up antipodal to asphalt.

Washing by Greg Manata is one of three releases featured in Constellation Tatsu’s new summer batch. That stunning cover art, by the way, was drawn (!) by the man himself. Nice work, Greg!

• Greg Manata: http://www.discogs.com/artist/1505025-Greg-Manata
• Constellation Tatsu: http://www.ctatsu.com

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