With a (probably) not so simple push of a button(s), GRiMM Doza programs neck-nodders at will. Steeped in some good old fashioned audio filth and murk, Doza’s beats are a throwback to that grimey, early 90’s hip-hop sound. But what separates him from the diluted field of producers mining that ear’s aesthetic is his overall consistency. Beat after beat, tape after tape, he delivers solid flips. And each album has THAT ONE track that makes you scold your face with the best intention possible. Like, shit’s so good you can’t help but to grimace at it’s existence.

He just dropped a tape on Radio Juicy, but this past Saturday he decided to release his MEMOREX EP, because that what he does; he puts out music. Stream the entirety of MEMOREX EP below, check out his tape Stoner 63, and enjoy it all with snapped grace. Long live the beat-heads!

• GRiMM Doza: https://soundcloud.com/mostxhigh

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