♫♪  Guy Akimoto - BaeBae EP

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Subject: $1,000 for listening to music

We will give you $1,000 for listening to music! Tiny Mix Tapes is proud to announce the start of a new contest. Each day until January, 31 1999, one lucky Internet or AOL user who listens to music of our choosing will be randomly picked to receive $1,000! And you could be the winner! I know that’s an incredible statement, but bear with me while I explain. You have already deleted mail from dozens of “Get Rich Quick” schemes, chain letter offers, and LOTS of other absurd scams that promise to make you rich overnight with no investment and no work.

My offer isn’t one of those.

What I’m offering is a straightforward computer-based service that you can run full- or part-time like a regular business. All you have to do is listen to Guy Akimoto’s BaeBae EP on repeat. This music runs automatically while you sleep, vacation, or work a “regular” job. If you’re the lucky chosen one, we will send you a check for $1,000. If you’re not the lucky chosen one, you will have been blessed with a sparkly EP by a sparkly artist who is playing a sparkly gig in NY later this month.

• Guy Akimoto: https://soundcloud.com/guyakimoto
• STHWST: https://soundcloud.com/sthwst

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