♫♪  Haha Mart - “After Hours”

Before tomorrow’s drop of Family Denim, Noumenal Loom provided TMT with the new Haha Mart single, “After Hours.” In a hefty mix of rumba, pinball machine music, and general grocery-store soundtrack, “After Hours” narrates the experience of just running amuck around the Haha Mart post-closing, snacking on the chips isle, eating lettuce like an apple, and diving into the recently constructed mellon pyramid. Layers of keys in rhythmic chords twinkle across more stagnant, ambient tingles of piano bones, matched with light strings, xylophone, *that one instrument you rub a stick across a wood-ribbed surface* you know… “After Hours” is completely mischievous mayhem on the chill.

Strap yourself up in Family Denim OUT TOMORROW on Noumenal Loom. Feel the “After Hours” vibes until the drop:

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