♫♪  Hannah Diamond - “Every Night”

I remember all the times that we would go to sleep. You’d say you like me, but did u ever love me? Maybe it’s true, but you never gave me anything but broken flowers, always saying you wanted less love, more sex. It was hard.

But this is the way I feel: I don’t wannabe “easy money” in this life because this life is all life — a lifestyle. It’s goin’ crazy in the beamer. It’s skipping blush. It’s sharing secrets with snow other one, because nobody does it better than you.

So when you get home, you should climb up to the window and bring it. Show me your beautiful face. Yeah! Let’s do it! You’d just turn around and close your eyes, and we’d kiss! Then we’d be in heaven, not just in my dreams or for just one more day, but every night.

So, hey cutie, why don’t you hit me up? I know you’ve got time.

Finally. You’re here. <3 <3


Hannah Diamond is reportedly in the studio working on a full-length album for 2015. #buryingthelead

• Hannah Diamond: https://facebook.com/hannahdiamondofficial
• PC Music: http://pcmusic.info

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