♫♪  HDMIRROR - “Reversal”

Our wrists are all smacking together in the air, as we fist pump furiously to some Ian van Dahl but this is no rave. This is no dance-floor. No, this is a manic ritual. No one glances at each other, lest we commit the cardinal sin of looking away from the DJ. The girl next to me is collapsing (dangerously close to committing the worst sin of all: not keeping your hands up) but we all help her out, almost falling over in the process. No sooner than when she stands up, she’s in the air; we all are. We’re flinging every limb we can to the sky, or at least the only one that matters to us now: the blackness of the ceiling. The bestial climax revisits the crowd, as the DJ entrances us with what could only be an Above and Beyond track, remixed by a nightclub devil. It’s definitely an exclusive. I show my appreciation by screaming even louder, as does everyone else. We’re all so hoarse that it sounds more like a moan or cry for help. Or a cry for more.

Beneath furiously alternating strobes of white, black, and red, our faces all disappear. I feel like mine melted off at some point from my dehydrated body, or got blasted off by the roar of this hardcore anthem. Either way, I couldn’t care less. I’m done partying. This is my life now.

“REVERSAL” is the anthem and the reason. It’s available on ANTHEMS through Genot Centre in full on December 31. Stream it below:

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