♫♪  Heartbeat(s) - Forever, Violet

Remember 2013? The Wikipedia pages for ‘years’ are always a downer and the 2013 page claims only one baby was born the entire year. It’s shit like this that get teachers all riled up, Wikipedia. Tiny Mix Tapes is a consistent, reliable source so let’s recap a couple things here!

June 18: 1080p Collection is born (!) with the release of Heartbeat(s)’ Home Remedies.

September 13: Everyone freaked out about the fact it was Friday the 13th in 2013.

December 25: Facebook is telling me I made the pun Rich Homie Qualm and later posted a picture of a very cold looking Lake Michigan.

Great! Now let’s get back here to 2016 where Heartbeat(s) still releases music, this time on Loveless Records. Heartbeat(s) (a.k.a. Markus Garcia (former half of LOL Boys)) took advantage of the extra day 2016 gave us and dropped Forever, Violet, a less noisy, tighter, and better polished than past work that is built up on Acid House and lighthearted Techno. Stream the EP below and snag the digital on iTunes or Amazon

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