♫♪  Heartbeat(s) - “Somewhere Between”

I’m so happy for all of the noisiness permeating the otherwise approachable walls of beat music of all sorts. Some of the specific subgenres were only created because of this intrusion, but something like Yeezus? Where did that come from? And then there is this new Heartbeat(s) track, “Somewhere Between,” which slaps on every nondescript tag from “house” to “techno” to simply “bass” and yet has this strange, dark, and distorted center to it, which only rears its head when everything recognizable about the track drops. House tracks always make me picture where it would be played, from grimy basement clubs to rooftop dance parties, but this track falls somewhere between the two, maybe in the middle of the labyrinth of alleyways where no one can ever get to, but instead must settle for the reverberations of bass bouncing between the wet walls and the minimal vocals that are too clouded to comprehend by the time they climb their way up the alley walls and through the layers of low-hanging smog.

Heartbeat(s)’s Home Remedies is available now from 1080p and will hopefully show up again near the end of the year when everyone begins compiling their 2013 lists. Don’t miss it.

• Heartbeat(s): http://soundcloud.com/heartbeat_s
• 1080p: http://1080pcollection.net

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