The Heliocentrics
“Made Of The Sun”

Perhaps you knew that genre-eliminating, crate digging freakniks The Heliocentrics recently released a new single. “Made Of The Sun” — from the clan’s forthcoming LP A World Of Masks — may have come and gone, but happily, like some mysterious planet hidden behind a dark star, it has flung back to our orbit to enchant our minds with intoxicating, celestial visions.

Here, the band — collaborators to DJ Shadow and Gaslamp Killer, as well as the authors of the score to a documentary on LSD, which sort of tells you everything you need to know — introduce us to the formidable presence of Barbara “Babs” Patkova, a Slovakian vocalist who lends the instrumental troupe a full-throated brashness that sounds a little like Amy Winehouse riding a turquoise chariot from the heavens. Don’t believe us? Listen to the track right now and get elevated. Praise Ra.

A World Of Masks drops May 26. Read more about the record — a pre-order it in a variety of physical and spectral formats — over at Soundway Records.

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