♫♪  The Hero of Warchester - The Hero of Warchester

Staring at the stucco ceiling, facial patterns emerge from the speckled white landscape. Bulging eyes — swollen and open, framed by large cheeks and drooping ears — look back at you with their fixed features. Your own face goes from wonder, to worry, to acceptance. Bouncing back and forth between them all, you imagine the faces speaking to one another while you sleep. They talk with fury and passion. They bark and love all the same. Then, the faces begin to lose their defined rigidness. They become blurry with familiarity, morphing back into one homogeneous ceiling. Up above.

The Hero of Warchester consists of saxophonists Anna Webber and Nathaniel Morgan, and keyboardist Liz Kosack. Their new self-titled tape is available through Prom Night Records.

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