♫♪  Hibou - “Fall Into”

Hibou occupies a peachy little part of my heart; I was heavily dosed on his music the summer of 2015. After getting hooked through indie tastemaker David Dean Burkhart, the work of Peter Michel was entirely pervasive in both my frantic June moments and conversely my July heat-induced lazy spells. If there were two things I remember about that time, it would be how absurdly hot Northeast Ohio was and how great Hibou fit that swelter. Fuzzed-out dream pop, as thick as the humidity of the air; Dunes was a great slightly-too-hot-for-the-beach EP, sweaty surfgaze that’s way too damn good to be as short as it is, so repeat listens are a must.

Hibou returns to my ears. Not with the feel of that summer, but I’m getting a vibe from Something Familiar that’s…. well, something familiar. “Fall Into” is a bit less sun-bleached than the sprawling sunlight riffs from Dunes, but no smaller in scale. Michel keeps it airy, but riffs so much more with “Fall Into,” almost to the point of being heavy as hell.

I very well may be giving another summer to Hibou. No complaints over here. This is the kind of glassy beach tune 2018 calls for.

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