♫♪  HOLOVR - Anterior Space

Here I sit with a 55-gallon drum of coffee from Dunkin’ listening to wonderful ambient synthwash from HOLOVR, morning light filtering through the window above my computer, a new day. Feels good. But it’s pretty hazy outside—wildfires have been raging across the Southeast, which matches pretty well the post-apocalyptic stupor that America has been caught in for the last week. You step outside, and the air smells of burning pine, you taste it in your lungs, and you think, holy shit, this is how it ends. Or something. Hopefully the drought here will end before the wildfires reach my doorstep, but if it doesn’t, then I’m going out with HOLOVR blaring in my headphones.

Get lost in the beauty of Anterior Space below, out on Further Records.

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