♫♪  HOM - M

Seattle-based MOTOR Collective have spent the last couple of years refining a style spiritually at home in the PacNW: fog covered, worn, rain soaked and misty, yet as sturdy and imposing as the redwoods towering over the dark ancient earth. They also release excellent dance music.

The label’s new tape from HOM, titled M, exemplifies this on all fronts. Following up their previous MOTOR release, the great “Bound/Somm” 12-inch, HOM delivers a propulsive (and at times awesomely goth/industrial-leaning) set that feels like it could be equally appropriate soundtracking a sad new moon solo night drive and a dry ice vampire rave. As stygian and cold as black steel factory paneling. Embrace the night.

M may be acquired from MOTOR Collective. Stream below.

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