♫♪  Hovvdy - Taster

Do you ever miss the old days? When you didn’t need a masters in media theory to understand the difference between Dean Blunt and James Ferraro and you could just sit back, crack open a frothy Bud Lite Beverage™ and vibe out blissfully to a couple bland blurry faces and sentient reverb pedals? Yeah me neither, but I feel like a huge part of this comeback of all things ‘guitar-driven’ and ‘emo’ proves that a lot of people just want some chill-ass, feel-good tunes draped pseudo-academic language from a site that, y’know, *affirms* their basic, middle-brow tastes rather than *alienating* them about liking boring shit that’s probably been done, and blogged about, before.

But I’m not gonna do that to you, friend, nope. I’m *not* gonna tell you to listen to the latest tape from Hovvdy, the Austin duo made up of Charlie Martin and Will Taylor that’ve been touring the southeast as of late to a shocking amount of Bandcamp acclaim. I’m *not* gonna tell you they sound like Alex G giving Ryan Adams a run for his money in the alt-country department and I’m *not* gonna say that this tape is one of the best things to end up in my DMs in a long, rather turbulent time on the internet. If you’re looking for a blissed-out downtempo spacejam of an eleven-track lofi cassette then I’m just not your guy, sorry. Have you tried Palisades?

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