♫♪  Howdy Persephone - “HV’s for J’s A”

Isn’t it lovely? Here in the cabbage patch here in a trick film? We’re playing bump the pumpkin while the silhouette of the cinema’s first director *glides* a’course the patch. Whichever fat suit came and tried to give off folliculitis of the reel is prohibited from this spin around the earth. Anyone who would try that sort of thing on this set will get pushed back and folded into the fabric. The ones who play it out right will stay quiet on their backs taking in the moon without saying much. An usher shakes his flashlight; his battery is dying. And that’s what you’ll get too if you choose to chill the moon instead of drinking it straight-up in a “we come in peace” shooter. You’ve seen those, right? Shooters in glass rows in souvenir stores, across the aisle from rows and rows of neatly stacked t-shirts with wild messages and color streaks, inside the blue shark’s mouth.

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