♫♪  Howse - Trakz EP

Astro Nautico has released a new EP from fresh Baltimore-based producer howse, entitled Trakz. The music on Trakz contains a truly unique blend of rough samples and glowing synth textures, iced with a thick layer of juked-out hi-hat beats. It’s like that crazy footwork music for uncoordinated pothead white kids. No, not really; it’s tight. From the first few gratifying beats of “Porch,” to the unexpected drum storm in “Jinglst,” to the heartaching “Resin,” the EP is a trek from what is dance music to what it could be. We are streaming the EP from Soundcloud, but you can also listen to the whole thing on Astro Nautico’s Bandcamp, which includes a fantastic remix of each track.

Trakz is howse’s third release. His other two are called Undizputed (which contains a mind-boggling whacked out version of TLC’s “No Scrubs”) and JSTCHLLN; you can “name your price” for a copy of each of these on his Bandcamp.

• Astro Nautico: http://astronautico.com/releases-3
• howse: http://soundcloud.com/howse

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