♫♪  Hybrid Palms - Pacific Image

There’s a type of walking meditation where you take small, guided steps in order to leave as little a track or disturbance as possible during your journey. The thought is to glide over, rather than through, the environment, like weaving in between an old, puddled sidewalk. It forces you to take your time, to focus on your breathing and the smallest rock. The muted power of moving. The muted power that shines through Sounds of the Dawn.

Pacific Image is both the beginning and a long-awaited milestone for Sounds of the Dawn, devoted new age, environmental, meditation and relaxation purveyor. I found the site a couple years back during a time where content on their then old Blogspot was posted at random – could be a day, could be a month. The posts were wordless, only featuring an album cover that doubled as a download link. The same format is used on their new(ish) site today – little to no words, pictures of the covers or tapes – but they’ve expanded: a monthly NTS Radio broadcast, a growing number of mixes, and now a cassette label.

Sounds of the Dawn’s first release is Pacific Image from Konstantin Skolnikov, an album, artist, and label vailed in ocean mist.

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