Hype Wonder
Some Sun

If Crustified Dibbs-era R.A. the Rugged Man had been an art school dropout instead of a Suffolk County degenerate, he might’ve sounded exactly like Hype Wonder. Or if Ol’ Dirty Bastard had somehow seeded up Dose One, the trisexual spawn of their unromantic tryst might rap something like Hype Wonder. Artistic comparisons aside, this name-your-price download/limited-edition $10 CD offers up a fun, freewheeling trip into previously uncharted headspace soundtracked by Reservoir Sound founder A.M. Breakups and his roommate/collaborative partner, Jeff Markey, among others. A.M. is fresh off the critical success of 924 Myrtle Avenue and For Madmen Only, so if you’re feeling the stream below, be sure to check out those records, as well as his past collaborations with Hype Wonder on last year’s label comp ALEA IACTA EST.

• Hype Wonder: https://twitter.com/HypeWonder
• Reservoir Sound: http://reservoirsound.com

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