♫♪  I Love Makonnen - I Love Makonnen EP

With the torrent of rap mixtapes released every single fucking day, it’s easy to get exhausted by the sheer amount of new material, let alone the oftentimes monotonous production and flows. Then comes along someone like I Love Makonnen, whose I Love Makonnen EP underscores just how weird and how vital Atlanta has been to the rap world. Here, I Love Makonnen (sometimes stylized as iLoveMakonnen) taps staple producers like Metro Boomin and Sonny Digital for seven tracks that sees the man pushing his vocals into bizarre, jarring territory, all of it curiously abrasive for someone with such a smooth, lucid voice. The chords waver and the rhythms bend to his immense vocal theatrics, which resemble the loving reach of Biz Markie, the occasional garble of Young Thug, the deep vibrato of Calvin Johnson, and the outright fuckupedness of the Flemion brothers, without — and here comes an absolutely fitting journalistic cliché — sounding like any of ‘em.

Download the album here or stream below:

• iLoveMakonnen: http://www.ilovemakonnenmusic.com

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