The art of BLOGWAR. Nothing nice, only ICE. What’s the point of appreciation or support when you can squeeze the juice out from tirades and negativity, throw it and a couple bananas in a blender, sit back down, and fill back up on misdirected adrenaline. Kill your idols via low blows and shame! X doesn’t deserve Y, y’all should just GIVE UP!!! POW POW. Mom always said if you don’t have anything to say, shut your mouth, but she never said a good thing about Aunt Patty, so me tossing shade at this blogger is cool.

Interstate 155 resident ICE brings the cold shoulder on her “BLOGWAR” exposé, a part of a larger release, scream club (ICE scream club ;) ) out on More Records. The track is a battle ground during the first half, bouncing bass under melodies of freshly melted ice. Then the song dies down and rises up as a swirl of what came before it, like the detached aftermath of a trendy beef – still cold, but what made it big just isn’t there.

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