♫♪  IE - “Amulet”

There’s a discernible difference between relic and artifact. Not to quote the dictionary, because fuck structure sentence/grammar/vocabulary/literature: artifact is (1) a culturally common item that exists between the prices of FREE and barely affordable, (2) something worthy of monetary value. While a relic can be described as: relic is (1) a piece of culture that can give you powers that currency cannot buy; (2) an object that is so magical, the forbearance of said [object] is only bestowed by inheritance of such magical energy, or is ended by the owner through destruction.

Thus, museums are our essence of beholding such relics, and even then, at a rare rate of valued visual. Maybe three relics are on display at the MET, maybe two within the Natural History Museum, absolutely and only one relic remains at MoMA, and [etc.] throughout the great city of New York. The city itself may contain a half- baker’s dozen. And in a TMT perspective, only a few albums a year [per-label, potentially every three-five years]. Moon Glyph has a knack for displaying and portraying that relic life in sound. Intangible magic exists in IE’s newest cassette/digital release Pome. The “Amulet” shall take you there. But it’s on you to explore more:

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