♫♪  ILLER / VIRTUAL FLANNEL - Split [almost]

This is something I’ve been awaiting for a minute, but it’s finally arrived: Dirty Tapes 007. Now, don’t QUESTION where 006 at, because Dirty always got u on hook-up. Just cast out a line. Last year’s September Cassette Store Day, I gripped 005 — having thought it sold out — on the slick from the owner, and have been blessed with them BUN and Delofi beats since. But the break-down is always what’s key in these split tapes Dirty been pushing.

ILLER on Side-A is all about the sounds. I mean, his sounds are KEY to his music, more-so than his style of production and mixing. It’s standard boom-bap that pals can joke-cypher to while driving under the rails with the sunroof drawn, but what gets tricky on Side-A is half the time you’re thinking “Is this reappropriated jazz I’m listening to?” Oddly enough, the sounds he makes (samples or synthetic) are so interwoven that if it weren’t for ILLER’s casual beat-head rythm, you’d never be able to tell the difference from true genre’d JAZZ and hip-hop.

On the flip, Virtual Flannel gets way less future and headier than he typically hones in on, but cuts at all the production at the jugular; the action is always worth a slice. It’s as if Side-B is pre-internet, and you gotta hit up the club to see other cats dance moves, study their steps, and take it to the next level of blend. Yeah, the sound on Side-B typical upon first listen, but Virtual Flannel grows within just the first track, and gets so psychedelic with mixing magic throughout, it’s as if his potion spilt onto his equipment and hands, and what happens next is beyond abracadabra.

Scope out the new split on Dirty Tapes by Virtual Flannel and ILLER, and snag a reel on the real before they all out.

• Iller: http://illertheabstractgiraffe.bandcamp.com
• Virtual Flannel: http://virtualflannel.tumblr.com
• Dirty Tapes: https://dirtytapes.bandcamp.com

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