♫♪  In Posterface - More Life / You Vomit Blood~;+===

We’re careering through the sky at 30,000 feet, oxygen masks dangling limply from the ceiling of the plane, a canopy of dead plastic-yellow foliage. The screen in the seat in front of us flashes dying moments of an auto-zooming pixelated plane, spinning mid-route among its Google Earth backdrop: the greenest greens and bluest blues you’ll ever see again. Flickers of duty free vodka mingle with a garbled collection of cut price TV films; 450 minutes of carefully selected in-flight entertainment, available on our newly customized touch-screen monitors.

We touch the screen, and get a sharp shock of electric life. Ears pop repeatedly.

And here comes In Posterface, some of whom are also Lapsus Linguae, one is still Iain Campbell F-W, another, Clare Simpson of If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home By Now.

Apparently inspired as much by “David Guetta” as “The Fall, The Mothers and This Heat,” In Posterface’s new double A-Side — out July 1 via Glasgow’s Winning Sperm Party — is a turbulent descent into a bricolage of noise, faulty electronics, and the occasional prime-time radio synth-hook. Hanging over the Tannoy like a demented late-night cold caller, our narrator keeps the pieces in some kind of impermanent order, lapsing from the brutal frequency oscillations of “More Life” to a kind of pained resolve in “You Vomit Blood.”

And though you try and focus your last thoughts on some long-forgotten piece of Descartes, a Biblical aphorism, a heart-warming embrace from long ago, or whatever else feels valid to your rapidly closing minds-eye, the specter of an uninvited anomaly (A Youtube Cat? Miley Cirus? Big Mouth Billy Bass?) still rears its head as the end comes.

• In Posterface: https://soundcloud.com/in-posterface
• Winning Sperm Party: http://winningspermparty.com

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