♫♪  Indricothere - II

Enter a post-apocalyptic world where shred is the only currency. Gangs of 15-27 year-olds in tattered black tees prowl the ruins seeking entertainment, and only displays of two-hand tapping or intricate 32nd-note riffery can appease them. Colin Marston, Neo New York’s chancellor of shred (which puts him on the shortlist for the chancellorship worldwide), stands atop a fortress cobbled together from fretboard wood and scrap metal in the center of Queens, gazing upon all that is his. His acolytes mosh reverently beneath him, awaiting the next event on the nightly performance schedule. 9PM: Dysrhythmia. 10PM: Gorguts. 11PM: Mick Barr solo set. Midnight: the Krallice ritual. At 2AM, Weasel Walter emerges from the fortress and the marauders Behold… The Arctopus. The mob eventually disperses, but Marston can’t stop. His tremolo picking alone maintains this society. What was once the Warr Guitar has become the War Guitar. He who was once the Mastering Engineer has become the Master.

As if Colin Marston’s four bands and production duties at his Menegroth The Thousand Caves studio can’t keep him busy enough, he casually dropped the second album by his solo project Indricothere just recently. II finds Marston cramming his blackened prog-/death-/omni-metal compositions with interlocking riffs and programmed drums fast enough to follow his light-speed leads. Stream it on Bandcamp, and keep an eye out for the vinyl edition on Gilead Media sometime soon.

• Gilead Media: http://www.gileadmedia.net

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