♫♪  Infinity Frequencies - Sunset Limited

Oh man, remember when you couldn’t fucking wait for Microsoft Train Simulator 2?! Yeah, me neither, but I bet it would have been sick! Train Simulator 2 is one example of what the computer industry calls vaporware — software, hardware, and games that were announced and anticipated, but were never actually released to the public. In 2012, we music nerds have a similar word, vaporwave, but it means something different entirely. This digital, sample-driven, cheese-laden, cyber-pop seems to come out of nowhere, with zero hype whatsoever. Maybe I’m just not paying close enough attention, but to me, this music seems to be made by completely anonymous individuals on some Sim island at the surreal midpoint between Los Angeles and Tokyo, who record 2-3 albums a day, and release them on the internet for free every other month or so. Whoever/wherever/wheneverthefuck this shit is coming from, I’m not sick of vaporwave yet. And now that we’re getting deep into fall, the waves are getting smaller and the vapor billows in thick like the autumn mist at dawn.

Infinity Frequencies is one of these mysterious producers, who has released several full-length records in the past few months and has just posted a new one called Sunset Limited. With some familiar samples, creamy sax solos, and extra cheese, Sunset Limited makes for the perfect record to cruise through the drizzle with the heater blasting and the windows down.

• Infinity Frequencies: http://computer-gaze.bandcamp.com
• Computer Gaze: http://computer-gaze.tumblr.com

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