♫♪  Is/Is - “Palmers”

Yes, summer has come and gone for the most part, but leave it to Moon Glyph to roll with the seasons on Is/Is’s autumnal Shadow Days tape. The duo of Sarah Rose and Sarah Nienaber, originally from Minneapolis but now residing in Portland, OR, craft skeletal psych-rock jams reminiscent of Moon Glyph’s other acid-fried rocker, Dead Luke. The two Sarahs have a way with hypnotic, burned out songs that makes “Palmers” stand out among the rest. It has an expansive yet intimate feel that brings you in and leaves you wanting more; thankfully, Moon Glyph has a few other samples of the tape on their SoundCloud, and Shadow Days is available for purchase.

• Moon Glyph: www.moonglyph.com
• Is/Is: http://is-is.bandcamp.com

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