♫♪  Is/Is - Return to Zero

If you’re like me and got tuned in to Is/Is through their still very dope Shadow Days cassette, you might be surprised by the trio’s latest release, the three-song Return to Zero tape. Well, not that surprised, I guess. Instead of the hazy, opium den euphoria of the former tape, Return to Zero rocks a little harder, and I’m definitely not complaining. Take opener “Midnight Blue,” a chugging jam that’s definitely well suited for late night drives, or for a late night drive in a Ryan Gosling flick. At three songs, this EP is short, sweet, and to the point, taking a nice detour from Shadow Days’ melacholic wanderings, towards a suitable fall rock vibe.

Limited edition cassette is out September 22, and be sure to catch Is/Is out on the road this fall (dates below).

• Is/Is: https://is-is.bandcamp.com

Is/Is Dates:

10.23.15 - Seattle, WA @ Chop Suey*
10.24.15 - Vancouver, B.C. @ Rickshaw Theatre*
10.25.15 - Portland, OR @ Dante’s*
11.01.15 - Portland, OR @ Rontoms
11.04.15 - Los Angeles, CA @ Harvard & Stone
11.05.15 - Make Out Room (San Francisco CA)
11.06.15 - Oakland, CA @ TBA
11.07.15 - Arcata, CA @ The Alibi

*opening for King Khan & The BBQ Show

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