♫♪  Italdred - Chronic Organicism Part. 4

Oh, hey reader. What would you say if I told you that Italdred — the London based beat label — just released the fourth and final volume of their massive Chronic Organicism compilations? You’d say flimflam? And maybe even pishposh? Well, okay, you have a right to say whatever you want, but don’t write me off so quickly, ‘cause I’ve got facts backing me up, pal. Just take a look at their Bandcamp page and then try and tell me that I’m pulling your leg. You can’t!

Totalling well over a hundred tracks, and featuring the likes of Ohbliv, naps., GRIMM Doza, beatboxbandit, and many many others, this collection has something for the whole family (providing your family are all beat heads). There’s “Long Red” yelps, microKorg synth lines, Dilla-indebted drums, abstract Ableton bleeps and bloops, fuzzy funk samples, vaporwave porno chillers, mournful Clams Casino-ish vocals, dubby delay ripples, smooth as shit disco-fueled loops, footwork influenced chops and cuts, choral and orchestral flips, drill hi-hats, HUGE bass, and so much more. Fuck, there’s even a LOX remix thrown in. What more could you ask for?

Still don’t believe me? Well, stream the entire Chronic Organicism Part. 4 below:

• Italdred: http://italdred.com

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