♫♪  Izy - “Freez //” (prod. Rambow)

Swim Team is gearing up to take over in 2015. Some of the team sat pretty all year: Bootleg Tapes (IMHO one of this year’s best labels) picked up Lord $M$, who took the throne in WONTON SWOOSH, Kanyon who broke off all fuckboys with PALLADIUM, and Acemo who shook the game early with Boarders. Astro Nautico released Yung AOL a.k.a. Daddy AOL’s Swim Team Kush. Color Plus’s soundcloud got hella fat/phat. And that DJLILMATT on the come up.

The last two Swimmers featured on Swim Team Trax 1 (cassettes still available!), Rambow and Izy have a sneak kill on their hands with “Freez.” A Rambow production that casually BANGS. Another new flow from Izy that’s quick like Lil Bibby, free like OG Maco.

Izy and Rambow switch it up on “Freez.” Rambow’s sound this year has featured heavy use of dancehall edits – Shimmy Records’ Rudeboi Ruddems or more subtly on an upcoming release with B. Yrslf Divison. Izy utilized Swim Team’s variety with productions from Lord $M$, Color Plus, Daddy AOL, keeping his style fresh on every track.

Swim Team 2015

• Izy: https://soundcloud.com/izywater
• Rambow: https://soundcloud.com/rambowny
• Ice Cream: http://www.swimteam69.net

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