♫♪  Jake Tobin - Third and Fourth Thoughts

Recorded in Tallahassee, FL, Columbia, SC, Brooklyn, and Gainesville, FL while he moved around, Third and Fourth Thoughts is the latest peek into whatever is going on in Jake Tobin. The Floridian, native to the woodwind family, stayed reasonably busy after last Feburary’s formal debut. Torment, Chill Mega Chill’s only LP in their catalog, revolved around a khaki-colored 9-to-5 life, giving mediocrity and passiveness a fun and tacky shirt to wear on Friday. Candice will get a hoot out of this one.

A handful of midi wanders came out after it. March gave Life as a Clerical Error – a good ol’ belly laugh from the bossman at what your weekend schedule is. It rained in April and May and June. Jake lived in Columbus sometime around then and dedicated a long track to the river Saluda. It’s 2015 and now we’re talking about Third and Fourth Thoughts*, or somewhere between friends getting a little rowdy together in the living room and what Gary Numan is probably doing in his living room, but might just be Jake’s reinterpretations of everyday life. You know, like covers of “Little Red Corvette,” reading and getting yelled at by current events, cleaning partially empty fridge, having your friend listen to your song and telling you “it’s your Nine Inch Nails song,” moving cities. Normal stuff.

*Third and Fourth Thoughts was and still might be released on Truly Bald
*Third and Fourth Thoughts was and still might be on a split with Riley Reasor
*Life is too short for certainties, man

• Jake Tobin: https://jaketobin.bandcamp.com

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