♫♪  james matthew - untitled album

Looking only to BEAT you senseless, james matthew (one half FAMILY EVENT and all that is LOU TENNANT) returns with nine of the freshest tracks clobbered together as untitled album. Here, the myth/deity/king of feel good rhythmings births babies out of all dem yuung samples. untitled album is the ultimate lil Frankenstein of music. I don’t even think it’s more than 10 minutes. Yet, james matthew remains one-hunto percent repeatable. As well, it was marketed with a rare untitled item, limited to two or three sales, which I hope comes in a bag, cause that’s why I bought one; I need a bag, gurl.

Just let the Bandcamp description do my work:
crass (krs)
adj. crass·er, crass·est
So crude and unrefined as to be lacking in discrimination and sensibility.
stupid; gross
[Latin crassus, dense.]
crassi·tude (—td, -tyd), crassness n.
crassly adv.

Listen to james matthew’s untitled album below; fly shit:

• james matthew: http://jamesmatthew.bandcamp.com

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