♫♪  Jay Curry - S/L

Now, I’m not REALLY a fan of Bootleg Tapes, but in the past 24 hours, I’ve listened to Jay Curry’s S/T more than anything on my USB. Shit, even more than Lil B shitting butt naked with a gun in the bathroom. Legit, though, S/T draws upon anything and EVERYTHING for a beat. Sax? Easy! Give the dude two sticks of wood to tap and he’ll give you a masterpiece. “GLASS BENZ” just proves that. And the movement of his music is more than just straight forward. Fuck it, Jay Curry is just beyond beat progression at this point.

It really comes down to the momentousness of his beats. Not that they begin, end, or come to a climactic burst of monumental furry, but each beat is within an actual moment. Take “FLOSSIN,” for example. Curry literally draws upon a breathe for the beat. The dude even breaks down language barriers. Yo, Curry IS a language. And S/T is just a bit of that lingo. Thankfully the (not-so) shittiest label EVER (but is it?) picked up the tape and put it out in limited quantities. He’s Woody Allen. He’s Antonio Banderas. He’s a set of fucked up and out of tune bells. He’s… a west coast guy, right?

Grip the new Jay Curry reeler S/T ASAP off Bootleg Tapes and stream it in the mean time below, ‘cause cassettes at the beach beats WIFI every time:

• Jay Curry: https://soundcloud.com/JAYCURRY
• Bootleg Tapes: https://bootlegtapes.bandcamp.com

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