♫♪  Jeff Markey - The We Hours

Do not fear the drum, good fellow. The drums are your friends. Go to them, embrace them, let their pulsing beat guide your steps. You will see. Oh yes, you will see … and hear and feel and smell again. The sterile surroundings of corporate quarantine have dulled your senses, especially that of rhythm. There you’re atrophied, paralyzed even, but not yet castrated. There is hope for you yet. Find it in the drum. Trust in it … and for the love of avant-garde, stop trying to convince yourself that vaporwave is good. It’s unlistenable drivel and you know it. Let’s move on already.

OK, now that that’s out of the way: Jeff Markey is a Brooklyn-based beatmaker and one half of the production duo Surface Tension Beekeepers (the other half being Reservoir Sound founder A.M. Breakups). Apart from his instrumental hip-hop work, Mr. Markey’s production credits include Armand Hammer’s “Native Sun” and “Black Ark” and Hype Wonder’s “Wake,” the instrumental version of which rounds out The We Hours EP streaming below. Press play and remember: the drums are your friends. They will love you if you let them.

• Jeff Markey: http://jeffmarkey.bandcamp.com
• Reservoir Sound: http://reservoirsound.com

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