♫♪  Jeffrey Alexander - Water Meditations

Jeffrey Alexander is a true head. After following and taping live shows of the Grateful Dead during the 80s, he began making music of his own, forming The Iditarod, Black Forest/Black Sea, and the still active Dire Wolves. He’s played in and toured with a litany of other acts, including his present possition as synth player in Jackie-O-Motherfucker. He also ran Magic Eye Singles, which eventually became Secret Eye Records, and currently hosts a weekly radio show. Oh, and he makes music as a solo artist, too.

On his latest offering, Water Meditations, Jeffrey explores churning swirls of shruti box drones, chord-organ moods, the noisy spices of a cracklebox and synthesizer, and some light acoustical accents from a marimba and psaltery. Each instrument equally contributes for a truly transformative performance, placing the listener’s mind in the clouds, and their soul in the streams.

In a meager edition of 30, pick up a copy of Water Meditations from Self-Help Tapes before they are all gone.

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