♫♪  Jeremiah Jae - Bad Jokes

Slow roll from out his mouth and into your ears, Jeremiah Jae getting you high off them wooze-bob vibes. Too cute for experimentalism. Too much mind-muck to scoop out on the radio. Jeremiah Jae presents the appropriately named Bad Jokes. There’s some of that wet money roll. Blasted out woofer beats. Fuck you jazz flute. He’ll strangle you blue in the face with rhymes and “Nahh.”

Boi been poppin’ and hoppin’ since 2009, but went hard last year, with two guest vox and production works on Duality, a mixtape with Azizi Gibson, and debut album Raw Money Raps. It’s all that post-haze/-cloud rap stuff, so fair warning to haters. But he’s definitely your A.M. sobriety’s fix until 5:30 rolls about and you’re sitting in smoke. Enjoy Bad Jokes by Jeremiah Jae and ride the mind-lick.

• Jeremiah Jae: https://soundcloud.com/jeremiahjae

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