♫♪  Jikuroux - Ruptured Pulse EP

A murky, dimly lit basement. A spacious dancefloor. High ceilings, overhead beams caked with dust. The scent of wet mold hangs heavy, everyone will wake up with black snot, the price of a night like this. At 11pm, a short-lived panic: the house speakers are blown. Call a friend — can we borrow yours? Three DJs tonight. Each will play two or three tracks before passing the torch. Back to back to back. An endless cycle that lasts for hours. A smoke machine, flashing lights. Thundering bass. Ephemeral club illustrations suspended in the air, a proscription of any and all negative energy.

Stream the title track from Jikuroux’s Ruptured Pulse EP below, newly released on Air Max ‘97’s DECISIONS label.

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