♫♪  Jim Ghedi - “Nature”

All that scaffolding, infested with rust. Neither pulling down nor propping up.

The ever guiding face of Our Lord smiles a fleeting grin, his breath rancid with stale instant coffee.

He tickles my neck with a long gloved finger.

“Chin up”

There’s a drunken downhill jog lurking in the music of Jim Ghedi.

Some cold inhalations of smoggy city air.

There’s enough unused tissue paper shoved down the neck of his parping little alto sax to make it sound like bird song at a squint.

Nonsense, beautiful nonsense.

The shtick is brimming with rhetorical maximalism: Jim Ghedi is all ‘soundscape’, ‘spirituality’, ‘poet’, ‘multi-instrumentalist’, multi-everything, all the time. The music on his last album – Satori – felt similarly unsettled: a South Yorkshire Alice Coltrane, or a dawn sailing with Captain Chris Cross?

Judging by the previews from new album DSTRY 14, Jim has this time opted for a slightly more coherent pattern of sounds, pushing spoken word elements to the margins and allowing his surging instrumental flusters to combust in their own time.

The album is released on Monday via Sheffield’s favourite DIY label, The Audacious Art Experiment.

• Jim Ghedi: http://jimghedi.com
• The Audacious Art Experiment: http://www.theaudaciousartexperiment.com

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