♫♪  Jlin - “Nyakinyua Rise”

AWESOME PUN ALERT: Nothing “kicks off” the start of another awesome January work week like a little “footwork.” Hahahaha, ‘mI R1GHT, TH0?

Seriously, of course I’m right. I’m totally right. I’m ALWAYS right. Besides, let’s not argue, because Planet Mu just posted “Nyakinyua Rise,” the B-side to the new Jlin EP Dark Lotus (the Gary, Indiana producer’s first since last year’s Free Fall EP), and you can stream it for yourself down below. Its glorious rush of feverish djembe-pounding, rubbery bass lines, and ecstatic war-whooping is sure to get your feet all good n’ warmed up for all that bullshittery they’re gonna need to march your ass around to this week.

The whole Dark Lotus is due February 10 (pre-order the vinyl now) and is being billed as a “transition” between her absolute-blast of a debut Dark Energy and her forthcoming second album Black Origami, which is out in May. She’s also got a few gigs coming up this winter and spring (in all the usual key industry hot spots of “Detroit, Philly, Moscow, and Halifax”), so… basically, quit sleep-internetting and get the F in gear.

Dark Lotus tracklist:

01. The Escape Of The Blvck Rxbbit (ft. Avril Stormy Unger)
02. Nyakinyua Rise

Jlin upcoming dates:

02.04.17 - Detroit, MI - Threshold, El Club
02.24.17 - Moscow, Russia - Intervention Festival (Curated by Mark Fell)
03.03.17 - Halifax, Nova Scotia - OBEY Convention
04.04.17 - Philadelphia, PA - All Mutable

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