The Joan of Arc Lightbox Orchestra Conducted by Fred Lonberg-Holm
Live @ The Hideout in Chicago, February 6, 2011

[The free stream and download is no longer available, but you can get yourself a copy of the performance through Joyful Noise soon.]

For one week, TMT is offering the full performance of Joan of Arc’s February 6 performance at the Hideout in Chicago. The show, featuring the always awesome avant-cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm conducting 13 Joan of Arc members/buddies, was a 45-minute improvisational set that revolved around a system of colored light bulbs called the Lightbox. Read about the performance in the news section.

The show will be made available as a digital release on March 29 via Joyful Noise, but feel free to download and/or stream the entire event right here, right now. The show goes nicely with Joan of Arc’s new instrumental album Oh Brother, which is almost sold out, so do what you gotta do.

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