♫♪  Jon Edifice - “Distant Gardens”

the photo included with the original Jon Edifice demo tape

In this era of constant, unstoppable access to information, a genuine mystery is rare — which is part of what makes Distant Gardens, the forthcoming record from one Jon Edifice, so exciting.

The story goes: while on tour in Kentucky, Burning Rose label person Will was approached with a demo tape by the man claiming to be Jon Edifice. As related secondhand by a label associate:

He gave Will a homemade cassette of the material with a dried cats paw tied to it (at least thats what Will thought it was, it was pretty mangled looking). Not only that but he was dressed in all camo, head to toe and seemed pretty displaced.

Okay then. So who is this person? We don’t know. And what sort of music does he make? Turns out: a basically perfect condensation of home-recorded vintage post punk and Wire-worshiping musical gestures that manages to stay personal, unique, and palpably weird. Minimal, soulful, haunting, this is music that asks to be played over and over. It’s the real deal, and from whatever off-grid shadowland that Edifice exists in, we hope this is the first of further declarations to come.

Stream “Distant Gardens” below. The Distant Gardens tape will be available “soon” from Burning Rose, with (reportedly) a vinyl release to come from Funeral Party.

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