♫♪  jtamul - Milk Bottle

Fear is a real and wicked construct evolution has for some reason decided to keep gagged and bundled with pain, happiness, sadness, chill, and the ability to feel nothing. The latter is only obtainable in death (ego or worldly), the rest come and go in fits. Jtamul’s Milk Bottle was built in exploration of one of those fits. “With this album i wanted to share melodically bizarre and creative music that comes from my fears.” Jtamul’s Milk Bottle boarders inspirational, an odd product to a study of fear. Uncertainty and concern are more pronounced in tracks like the opener “Polyphonic Delusions,” “Volta,” or the title track “Milk Bottle” – a spacial, secluded, and heavy in guilt – but a majority of Milk Bottle shines. “Oceans” is the best appropriation of a The xx song I’ve heard in a very, very long time. “I’m Feelin’ High” is a wonderfully stripped house track with words from Erykah Badu’s “On & On” (the a cappella is unreal). “You Know” closes the album out with fragments of Gil-Scott Heron’s noted spoken-word poem “Comment #1.” The fragments are reassembled and left alone. Heron’s resilience and ability to blast power through cracks of past pain with melody is there, at an infinitely lower height, but it’s there. Coming into Milk Bottle expecting fear and while there’s a certain zen quality to the mold, Jtamul maintains a level field of everything I want and everything I have to be right now.

jtamul: https://soundcloud.com/nertca

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